Friday, March 19, 2010

meet me halfway

What's with my life? Nothing much. It is absolutely boring. I had my 2nd day of attachment at Dempsey's Margarita's today. I asked about my working hours and they told me that I basically have to come 6 days a week from 5.30pm till 11pm. That's not too bad, ey? It's kinda like working part-time. Except that the place is shit far. (Fucking have to walk my fat-ass up the stupid hill and still search for block 11 somemore.) I am secretly thankful for my superbly good sense of direction.

I'm even contemplating of continuing doing part-time over at Marmalade in the morning. HMM. Still thinking. I don't really want to because having no evening-life for the next 6 months already sounds pretty horrid to me. I don't wanna have to lose whatever morning-life I have left, not that I have much of it in the first place.

Sheikh sent me to work today. And also picked me up. Apparently because this Cik Abang is fearful of me being scooped up by this other asshole. Not trying to say that I am not one myself, but this other one is really one that you should be wary of. Nevertheless, a very sweet gesture I must say. We had supper at Simpang Bedok followed by a redundant chilling session at Esplanade. Just came back, by the way! It's 5.16am now and I am on the phone with Sheikh. (HE'S TELLING ME RIGHT NOW, RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT THAT I HAVE MAJOR MOODSWINGS CCB.) Where got!!!! Hpmh. :(

Anyway, yesssss I've been spending a little too much time with Sheikh. And this baby kuat jealous, ya ampun. Not too different from me ah actually. HAHA.

Monday, March 15, 2010

we are the world

No thanks Sheikh for singing this to me 24/7. I am now hooked. Lol.


"Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human."

Of course, many thanks to that little girl who eased the burden of my brain and helped me with my choice of drink, lol. It is but a favourite now, me thinks! It was supposed to be like a girls thing but we all pretty much ended up doing our own thing but most importantly, still had a lot of fun. Anyway, I saw Jimi and was very, very stunned to learn that he was from Deyi. MHHH. I swear he doesn't look familiar to me. 4 years can reallllly do a lot of damage, isn't it?

And Cosmic was but the best time ever, plus best feeling ever and I enjoyed it so much. You would have noticed by now that I cannot be bothered with pictures.

At the moment, life is treating me well.

Friday, March 12, 2010

for you

piss off

Masturina, I'm not even snatching Afiq from you. When he asked for my number & we contacted, it was when both of you have broken up and so you are invisible to me. So don't even talk to me as if we are arguing over Afiq. Because we are not. I am pissed with you in the first place because you are insensitive for blogging your conversation with Ifad in the first place. HMMM WHY WERE YOU EVEN TALKING TO IFAD ABOUT ME AND AFIQ IN THE FIRST PLACE? Ponder, ponder. At that moment, korang dah break-up what right? So apasal engkau sibuk sangat about the fact that me and Afiq are dating? Were you purposely trying to start a fire, provoking Ifad in the manner that you did for him to say such stuffs? And come on, Ifad and I both know that he exaggerated what he said to you by a lot. Of course even if I try to clear the air, no one will listen to me because I'm the school slut what. I don't have a good enough reputation to make people trust me which is fine because none of you matter to me. Oh by the way, I was freaking drunk at Supperclub. I couldn't even bother if I had a nip-slip. Why would I have given two fucks about you?


Yes, very good. So much for having mad fun. Despite being completely aware that I was working at 12noon the next day, I still partied my fat ass off till the morning and was still under the block with Azli until I was shivering in the morning cool. I ended up walking up at 11.15am, cabbing to work, wasting another $20 and I kept falling asleep at work! Zzzzz.

During my break, I went to Parkway Parade, cashed out my cheque and bought $70 worth of bangles, rings and a completely useless bag-holder from Diva. They are super pretty so I am not complaining (that much). Lol. I also treated myself to scones and cookies because walking around alone in a place so unfamiliar can get really tiresome!

For the night, I had quite a number of plans at hand! Lol. I ended up choosing to meet Afiq because he'll be leaving for Pahang in a few hours. And, he died over the past 2 days so yalah. He is pretty much an obvious choice. Although we ended up only going to Grandlink (again) to sing our mighty hearts out. By choosing this, I had ditched sleepover plans at Yana's, movie-date with Sheikh, partying at Dbl O with the fellas, session at Zirca with Erwan and Azli's plan which I don't know really know what is it. Hahahaha. Nevermind lah. Bukan selalunya itu anak hilang dari pandangan aku kan.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

on-job training

I recently started my attachment. It's been a week now. For my DHHM course, I chose a restaurant instead of a hotel. I figured that even if we would be at a hotel, it would mostly be banquet work anyway. Not my cup of tea. That's why I've landed myself at Margarita's. I'm current posted to their East Coast Road outlet. It's so boring there, I could faint. Just a week more and then I'll be transferred over to Dempsey. Yay. :P Dempsey's currently undergoing a renovation now. I heard that there's a non-stop crowd over there and that it's twice as big as the one at East Coast. I can't wait!!!

For now, it's one hour bus rides to the East everyday for me.


The other day, well last Saturday actually, when we were at Explorerkids or something like that at E Hub for Faris' birthday.. the food spread was majorly disappointing! I only enjoyed the Custard Puff :( The rest of the time, I was drinking so much Chrysanthemum Tea that I had to pee so many timesxzxzxz.

Ibu, Darlene, Dinnie and I went to Tampines One after that. It was there that Ibu kept trying to buy us stuff. But I couldn't think of anything to buy at all. -___- I ended up just getting those ribbon hairpins to wear at Cosmic Gate.

We were having dinner at Macs until 9pm and I was sure that I was going to be late since I couldn't reach Zouk in time for their Happy Hour but luckily Afiq texted and asked if I wanted to go together with him since he was at Bedok. But lo and behold, the motherfire came at 9.45pm and then still can scold me somemore hor!!! -_-

"Hello. Kau lambat abeh kau boleh marah aku eh?" - Meow
"Yalah that's the way it goes what." - Afiq

Pfffts. Lol but that's the way he is ah, very cheebye to the core one this boy. (: Of course he also has his fair share of sweetness lah okay. He walked to my house last evening and accompanied me and my boredom until it was time for me to meet Ifad. And he usually doesn't mind being a scapegoat to make sure I fall asleep. Cos you see.. I like to fall asleep on the phone. Because when I go to sleep at my own will, I usually can't sleep.

Anyway, back to Cosmic. Of course we didn't make it in time, but we still did have a lot of fun. The intoxication was just enough to make us enjoy the whole damn thing and yet remember every single thing. Me like. :P

I'm on the phone with Ifad now at 7am. I cannot sleep! Padahal we just met last night for dinner at Causeway followed by a lot of taiti and chilling all the way till 2am. And when I got home, I made pancakes, talked to Afiq and went to bed. And then I woke up for I-have-no-idea-what-reason at 6.15am, made tea and toasted bread and ate my breakfast and then I couldn't sleep anymore.

Haiyah. Sad life. Anyway, what's with the hatetaggers anyways? What did I do this time? I haven't blogged any nonsense since forever and I haven't taken any stupid pictures in life forever as well for you to come snooping about like a crazy dog. Geram sahaja.

Monday, March 8, 2010

swing swing

I was sleeping like a pig all day yesterday. After Cosmic, I was sooooo depleted of my energy that I slept all the way till 3pm. Seriously, it was such a lazy Sunday. I got up, had pancakes for brunch, did my chores and went back to sleep. If it wasn't for this Afiq who at 9pm called me and feeling feeling wanna karaoke at Grandlink, I would have snored all the way till Monday. We karaoke-d will 1.30am. :P Hahaha. And that my friend, is the 3rd time that I've been to karaoke this week lol.